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Manfred Reinnarth

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aktuelle Fotos von meiner DigitalkameraDie Rhein-Ahr Rundschau ist die Lokalausgabe der Kölnischen Rundschau für den Kreis Ahrweiler
Einige Bilder von mir bei der Arbeit
Das Boths in Ahrweiler: Dort gehe ich seit dem Eröffnungsjahr 1998 fast täglich hin...
Caprese selbst gemacht...
Bellinis in Bonn: Hier gibt's von 18 bis 4.40 Uhr die leckersten italienischen Gerichte. Vor allem die Pasta ist genial. 









Hello and welcome to my virtual internet residence!

Unfortunately, my English is not perfect. I learned the language at school, by reading books (Shakespeare, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...), listening music (Queen and many others), and travelling (Ireland, Scottland, England...). So I'm able to let you know some things about me in the English language.

I'm very interested in history - the history of towns and old civilizations, the history of people and especially the history of my ancestors. As child I was nosy and wanted to become a detective (at least as famous as Sherlock Holmes) or FBI-agent. But then, after college and military service I began to work as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper near Cologne.   I reported the stories of other people and published them so that they were easy for everybody to understand.

I have traced my ancestors and their decendants and partners to areas all over the Eifel region of Germany, and the countries of Belgium and Italy. Some bearers of my family name went to the US or to Scotland (Aberdeen). There are many people with the surnames Reinardy and Reinartz in the States.

Some interesting stories have been revealed. My great-grandfather travelled between New York and Italy three times at the beginning of the last century.  His name was Carmelo CASSALIA.  At the moment I'm trying to find out where he worked and what his jobs were. In my genealogy research, I have found thousands of people with the same family name who were not related to me in anyway, but I have also discovered hundreds of relatives.

I love to sit in a restaurant or bar and have a Cappuccino, and read a book (written in Italian or English). The louder it gets the more my concentration rises.  My friends believe I have a real talent for drawing and taking photographs, unfortunately there is never enough time for this.
I'm sorry, but all further pages are written in German. An Englisch page with links to Renard families in the English speaking world is under construction.  In the meantime, you may enjoy taking a look at my picture-pages (Fotos) and getting some impressions from Ireland, Scotland or Italy.

And there is something more for English speaking visitors: A poem, written by myself!  It is a tale of mankind's development and moralty.  Have a look at it and give me some feedback.  Please inform me of any mistakes you may find so that I can correct this "song", to whom I have given the name
"Flame of Hope" (I'm thinking about   changing its name to "Spark of Hope". What do you think about that?)


2003 im Fllieger von Rom nach Hahn 2003

Foto vom Frühjahr 2002 vor dem Poppelsdorfer Schloss 2002

2000 am Nürburgring bei der Formel 1  2000

1999 beim Fotografenn in Andernach  1999

1989 zum Dienstgebrauch in der Redaktion  1989

born 11-6-1968
at Bad Neuenahr
6, 3' feet (1.92 metres)
brown eyes
brown hair

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